Are you looking to achieve your fitness goals, improve your overall health, or transform your physique? If you’re in Studio City, then you’re in luck! Jay from The Exercise Co is an experienced and highly sought-after personal trainer who can help you reach your fitness aspirations. With his expertise, motivation, and personalized approach, Jay is dedicated to guiding you on your fitness journey. In this article, we will explore the benefits of hiring a personal trainer, the services offered by Jay, success stories from his clients, and how you can get started with him as your personal trainer.


Jay is a certified personal trainer with 21+ years of experience in the fitness industry. He is passionate about helping individuals of all fitness levels transform their lives through exercise and healthy living. With his extensive knowledge, dedication, and commitment to his clients’ success, Jay has built a strong reputation as a leading personal trainer in Studio City.

Jay began his love affair with fitness in his youth. A member of the track, gymnastics, and swimming teams in high school, he was inspired by old school icons like Jack LaLanne and Jane Fonda. While in college, he fully embraced fitness as a lifestyle and became an accomplished competitor. He earned an Achievement Award at the 1987 Crystal Lite National Championship, won a silver medal at the 1988 American Fitness National Championship, and was a member of the U.S. team that captured the silver medal at the first International Aerobic Team Championship, held in Brazil in 1990. His expertise and contagious spirit is documented on 5 Nautilus Aerobics Plus lHome workout videos, in which he starred and co-choreographed.

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Personalized Fitness Plan

One of the primary advantages of working with Jay is the development of a personalized fitness plan tailored to your specific goals and needs. Jay will conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand your current fitness level, discuss your objectives, and design a customized workout program that maximizes your results. This personalized approach ensures that you are working towards achievable goals while also considering any limitations or restrictions you may have.

Accountability and Motivation

Staying motivated can be challenging, especially when working out alone. Jay provides the accountability and support you need to stay committed to your fitness journey. He will monitor your progress, provide feedback, and push you to reach your full potential. Having a personal trainer like Jay by your side makes the fitness journey more enjoyable and keeps you on track to achieve your desired results.

Proper Form and Technique

Performing exercises with proper form and technique is crucial to prevent injuries and optimize results. Jay’s expertise allows him to teach you the correct form for each exercise, ensuring that you perform them safely and effectively. He will guide you through the movements, correct any errors, and provide valuable tips to maximize your workout efficiency.

Efficient and Effective Workouts

Jay understands that your time is valuable, and he designs workouts that are both efficient and effective. By incorporating a variety of training methods, he keeps your workouts challenging and engaging, preventing boredom and plateau. Jay’s vast knowledge of different exercise modalities enables him to create dynamic routines that target specific muscle groups, improve cardiovascular fitness, and promote overall strength and flexibility.


Jay provides a comprehensive range of fitness services to cater to individuals with different goals and preferences. Here are the primary services offered by Jay at The Exercise Co:

One-on-One Training Sessions

For those seeking personalized attention and tailored workout plans, Jay offers one-on-one training sessions. During these sessions, Jay will work closely with you to understand your goals, assess your current fitness level, and create a workout program specifically designed for you. With his undivided attention, Jay will guide you through each exercise, ensuring proper form and technique, and providing ongoing motivation and support.

Group Training Sessions

If you thrive in a group setting and enjoy the energy of working out with others, Jay also offers group training sessions. These sessions provide a dynamic and supportive atmosphere where you can challenge yourself alongside like-minded individuals. Jay carefully structures group workouts to accommodate varying fitness levels, ensuring that everyone benefits from the experience while enjoying the camaraderie and motivation of training as a team.

Online Training Programs

For those who prefer the flexibility of training from the comfort of their own homes or have geographical constraints, Jay offers online training programs. Through video calls and customized workout plans, Jay can guide you through your fitness journey remotely. Online training programs are designed to be convenient, accessible, and effective, allowing you to receive professional guidance from Jay, regardless of your location.


Jay has a proven track record of helping clients achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives. Here are just a few success stories from individuals who have trained with Jay:

  • 1. Sarah’s Weight Loss Journey:

    Sarah had struggled with her weight for years, trying numerous diets and exercise programs without sustainable results. After working with Jay for six months, Sarah not only lost 30 pounds but also gained confidence and improved her overall well-being. Jay’s personalized approach and unwavering support were instrumental in Sarah’s transformation.

  • 2. Mark’s Strength and Muscle Gain:

    Mark, a fitness enthusiast, wanted to take his strength and muscle-building goals to the next level. With Jay’s expertise in resistance training and advanced techniques, Mark achieved remarkable progress in a relatively short period. Under Jay’s guidance, Mark not only increased his strength significantly but also developed a more defined and muscular physique.

  • 3. Lisa’s Postnatal Fitness:

    After giving birth, Lisa wanted to regain her pre-pregnancy fitness level and feel confident in her body again. Jay developed a postnatal fitness program that focused on rebuilding her core strength, improving flexibility, and increasing overall fitness. Through consistent training and Jay’s encouragement, Lisa not only regained her pre-pregnancy fitness but also exceeded her expectations.


Getting started on your fitness journey with Jay is simple. Here’s how you can begin:

  • 1. Initial Consultation:

    Contact Jay from The Exercise Co to schedule an initial consultation. This consultation allows Jay to understand your goals, assess your current fitness level, and discuss any specific needs or concerns you may have.

  • 2. Goal Setting:

    Duringthe consultation, you and Jay will work together to define your fitness goals. Whether it’s weight loss, strength building, or overall health improvement, Jay will help you set realistic and achievable objectives.

  • 3. Customized Workout Plan:

    Based on your goals and assessment, Jay will create a customized workout plan specifically tailored to your needs. This plan will take into account your preferences, fitness level, and any limitations or considerations.

  • 4. Training Sessions:

    Once your workout plan is ready, you can start your training sessions with Jay. Whether you choose one-on-one sessions, group sessions, or online training, Jay will be there to guide and motivate you throughout your fitness journey.

  • 5. Progress Tracking and Adjustments:

    As you progress, Jay will regularly monitor your results and make any necessary adjustments to your workout plan. He will track your achievements, provide feedback, and ensure that you continue to make steady progress towards your goals.

By following these steps, you can embark on a transformative fitness journey with Jay from The Exercise Co, and experience the benefits of working with a dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer.


  • 1. What are the qualifications of Jay as a personal trainer?

    Jay is a certified personal trainer with extensive experience in the fitness industry. He holds relevant certifications and continuously educates himself to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends and research.

  • 2. How much does personal training with Jay cost?

    The cost of personal training with Jay may vary depending on the type of training sessions and the duration of the program. It is best to contact Jay directly to discuss pricing and package options. You can call at 818-508-4545 or email at [email protected]

  • 3. Can I train with Jay if I have specific health concerns or injuries?

    Yes, Jay has experience working with individuals who have specific health concerns or injuries. During the initial consultation, it’s important to inform Jay about any health issues or injuries you may have, so he can adapt the training program accordingly.

  • 4. How long are the personal training sessions?

    The duration of personal training sessions with Jay can vary based on your needs and preferences. Sessions typically range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, but longer or shorter sessions can be accommodated based on individual requirements.

  • 5. Is it possible to do virtual training sessions with Jay?

    Yes, Jay offers online training programs for individuals who prefer virtual training or are unable to train in-person due to geographical constraints. Online training sessions provide the flexibility to work out from anywhere while receiving Jay’s expert guidance.

In conclusion, hiring a personal trainer like Jay from The Exercise Co in Studio City can significantly enhance your fitness journey. With personalized attention, accountability, and expert guidance, Jay will help you achieve your fitness goals and transform your life. Take the first step towards a healthier and fitter you by reaching out to Jay and experiencing the benefits of working with a dedicated personal trainer.