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Product Description

This 14″ lightweight and portable Xerdisc™ for sale from SPRI is ideal for balance and strength workouts. The thick wall construction and increased rigidity provide more stability. Anyone can do exercises like push-ups, swats, and crunches, while the more advanced user can do more challenging balance workouts to improve core strength. The tapered platform surface allows for varied foot placement and the lower profile decreases elevation off the floor. You can control the level of challenge by inflating the disk for easier balance or deflating it for more difficult practices. It’s textured non-slip bottom is safe and secure on most surfaces. It also includes an inflation pump and exercise guide.

Xerdisc™ Features:

  • Inflate to make exercise easier
  • Deflate to make exercise more challenging
  • Use two disks for double-arm or double-leg activities
  • Downloadable exercise guide

Measurements: 14″ in diameter

Materials: PVC

Adjustable air content

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