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Our Speed Jump Rope invites you to burn calories and increase endurance through a consistent cardio and agility exercise. The Speed Rope is perfect for most intermediate and advanced rope moves. This flexible 9 foot, non-kink, PVC rope, has just enough weight to hold its shape but is light enough for quick spins. The lightweight extended length tapper plastic handles are designed for easy gripping. Easy-adjust in clips allows the rope to shorten to the desired length. Boost coordination, increase lower body strength, stamina, and foot speed with the Speed Jump Rope.

Speed Jump Rope Features:

  • 9 feet long
  • Non-kink rope
  • Extended length plastic handles
  • Adjustable

Material: Rope: PVC, Handle: PVC

Spin: Fast

Rope Weight: Light

Handle Length: 7″

Handle Texture: Hard

Handle Shape: Tapered with thicker, swaged end

Product Use: Perfect for Single Unders and most intermediate and advanced rope moves

Adjustable: 9′ Rope with end clip adjustment

0 out of 5


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