Private Training

Everyone deserves expert help
reaching their fitness goals!

Gain strength, muscular definition, and cardiovascular conditioning through the use of free weights and state-of –the-art exercise equipment. Under Jay’s watchful eye and expert direction, you could see improvement in as little as two weeks. A former fitness competitor himself, Jay augments these sessions with suggested lifestyle and nutrition tips to help his clients achieve faster, longer lasting results.

The Exercise Co® is a private, 1200 square foot studio offering one-on-one Pilates-based training and boutique fitness classes.

Personalized Pilates Training

Instructor and owner Jay Jacobo develops personalized exercise and nutrition programs based on the unique needs and goals of each client.

Jay begins each new client relationship with a complimentary consultation. During a candid discussion about your workout personality and eating habits, lifestyle and wellness goals and any injuries/risk factors that need to be addressed, Jay creates the blueprint for a fully customized program designed specifically for you.

Drawing from a mix of traditional Pilates movements, free weights and bodyweight exercises, Jay’s hybrid fitness programs focus on building a strong core and long, lean muscles, increasing flexibility and improving body awareness.

Each one-on-one session is much more than just an amazing, low-impact workout. Under Jay’s expert direction, you’ll learn about the proper form and function behind each movement, practice the art of the mind-body connection, and benefit from nutrition and lifestyle coaching that will help you achieve faster, longer-lasting results.

Boutique Classes

Many clients choose to supplement their one-on-one training programs with Jay’s Body Blast and Cellulite Blast classes, which deliver a high-energy workout and specialized attention that you won’t find in other Pilates-based group classes.

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Physical fitness goes hand in hand with health and wellness. Whatever goals you have to improve your quality of life, we are here to help you achieve them.” – Jay

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